Maxtop Scholarship Exam

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Maxtop Scholarship Examination & Result Details Session 2022-23/2023-24

Registration Open:- For Offline registration contact your school principal/Co-ordinator, For Online Registration visit us-

Important Notice- Select Only MI Test, Syllabus based test, Mathematics, Science & General knowledge . Click on About Exam to see the Examination Session 2023-24.

The result of Maxtop Scholarship Exam (MI Test) Session 2022-23 will be declared on 15 November 2022. You can contact your school for result related queries.

The result of Maxtop Scholarship Exam (Syllabus Based Test) Session 2022-23 Coming Soon!

In case of any query please contact us : Mob. No. - 8707720875, 8887002541, Landline No. - 05424070299

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