Maxtop Scholarship Exam

Maxtop Scholarship Exam

About Us

Maxtop Education Pvt.Ltd. & Maxtop Social Welfare are organizations established under Ministry of Corporate Affairs Government of India (MCA) bearing CIN: U72300UP2014PTC064475 as a platform which values the efforts of students in their journey to attain knowledge.

Currently we are fully functional in approximately 100 major cities in all over India and looking to promote this program in abroad as well.
Our organization knows the difficulties that arise in the way of equipping oneself with the correct knowledge & wisdom. Therefore, we stand besides those who are worthy and possess the desire to pursue their passion. We, through Maxtop Scholarship Exam evaluate the depth of knowledge the student encompass and reward them with Cash Scholarship up to 50 Lakh.

Maxtop Scholarship Exam is basically an online & offline quiz organized periodically, providing the participating students the chance to grab cash scholarship worth up to 50 Lakh. The assessment and selection process being carried out by a software makes the quiz completely transparent, fair and trustworthy.

The platform is built solely with the purpose of extending aid to the deserving candidates and allowing them to flourish in their life. We totally understand the significance of money in making dreams turn into reality and so we make available this golden opportunity to each student studying around the country to earn it by their brainpower.

Furthermore, apart from earning scholarships one can even learn with us. The opportunity we put forward for our participants, the challenges we expose them to; compel them to train their mind and learn new things. Through our initiative we try to communicate that as long as you learn you can earn, because knowledge is the key to better future.

if you have the spark within you?

If you wish to shine?

If you need the head start to accomplish you aim? Get on board with us​


To furnish an offline & online platform to students with brilliant minds and allowing them to exhibit their knowledge by participating in the scholarship program organized and earn scholarships. To compel the young blooming minds of students to expand and attain as much knowledge as possible for betterment of themselves as well as the nation.


The main objective of Maxtop organization is to nurture the hidden talent among children in each school at National Level. This Scholarship Program is launched with a distinctive vision to provide life line to the Children who are deprived of education due to poor economic condition of their family. and for their mental and physiological motivation. The goal of the organization is not to let the talent struggle financial constraints. Maxtop Scholarship Exam has taken an ambitious target to provide scholarship upto 10 thousand students in this session and also get its reach and popularity in all States of our Country and in Abroad.


We believe in sincerity and transparency. We operate to contribute in growth of nation by upholding an unbiased platform for students where they can show their sincerity, dedication and hard work to attain resource needed for their better future.

Our Services

  • We are trying hard to prepare student for better on this competitive world , so we have brought this Maxtop Scholarship Exam to make you sharper .
  • Provides feedback on real learning & relevant –actually tests what is being taught
  • Allows student to know where he /she stands.
  • Pinpoints areas of strengths and Weaknesses .
  • Affordable to all student ( through School or individually)

Maxtop Scholarship Examination & Result Details Session 2022-23/2023-24

Registration Open:- For Offline registration contact your school principal/Co-ordinator, For Online Registration visit us-

Important Notice- Select Only MI Test, Syllabus based test, Mathematics, Science & General knowledge . Click on About Exam to see the Examination Session 2023-24.

The result of Maxtop Scholarship Exam (MI Test) Session 2022-23 will be declared on 15 November 2022. You can contact your school for result related queries.

The result of Maxtop Scholarship Exam (Syllabus Based Test) Session 2022-23 Coming Soon!

In case of any query please contact us : Mob. No. - 8707720875, 8887002541, Landline No. - 05424070299

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