Maxtop Scholarship Exam

Why Maxtop Scholarship Exam?

Why Maxtop Scholarship Exam?

Maxtop Scholarship Exam is organized by Maxtop Education Pvt. Ltd. established under Ministry of Corporate affairs (MCA) bearing CIN: U72300UP2014PTC064475 which works to provide better opportunities to students. Our organization helps the students pursue their passion and gain knowledge. They provide students with financial help through organizing this online/ofline quiz with scholarship worth up to 50 lakhs. The opportunity we provide to the participants, the challenges we put before them, helps them to train their minds and makes them learn new things.

As long as one is willing to learn, one can earn because knowledge is the power. This is the agenda of Maxtop Scholarship Exam .

  • To provide aid to the most number of students.
  • Teach them to dream and then living it.
  • . To make students independent.
  • To secure a better future for them.
  • To provide limitless opportunity to students to LEARN & EARN.
  • . To make them certain values so that they turn out to be more responsible human beings.
  • Maxtop Scholarship Exam transfers the scholarship amount direct in the bank account. No hidden policies. No Fake promises.


  • This is the vision of Maxtop Scholarship Exam and for the purpose it organizes this online quiz for students.
  • The students’ eligibility for Maxtop Scholarship Exam for class 1st to 12th
  • Do participate. Accept the challenge. Be your own competitor. Rise above the limits, touch the sky and come out with flying colors. Make this world a better place to live.
  • Maxtop Scholarship Exam is here for you, by your side. Trust us and move ahead in your life with your head held high.
  • Our motto is very selfless, as our ultimate motto is to see the future of India in better hands. And you the students, are the future of India. So, do not let go of this opportunity.
  • Join hands with us. Dream big with us. Let’s flourish and prosper.


  • Isn’t it too much? No, not yet. The best thing about this scholarship is that it offers Certificate of participation to each and every candidate who opts for the exam. Maxtop Scholarship Exam is simply the BEST.
  • No scholarship exam organization, never ever considers offering certificates as appreciation to each and every participant in the exam. Isn’t it great? And at what cost? just at the fees of 160/-
  • The fees is very reasonable keeping in mind the benefits one gets from it. Compared to other scholarship programs in mind, Maxtop Scholarship Exam is more affordable, beneficial, and helpful.
  • Don’t wait for the last date of registration. Yes, we allow limited participants in Maxtop Scholarship Exam to provide a fair chance to everyone. The exam will be conducted online. So, tighten your belts and be prepared. Maxtop Scholarship Exam promises to stand by you. To Support You. To Raise You. To Make You Live, Your Dreams.

Maxtop Scholarship Examination & Result Details Session 2022-23/2023-24

Registration Open:- For Offline registration contact your school principal/Co-ordinator, For Online Registration, visit us-

Important Notice- Select Only MI Test, Syllabus based test, Mathematics, Science & General knowledge. Click on About Exam to see the Examination Session 2023-24.

The result of Maxtop Scholarship Exam (Syllabus Based Test) Session 2023-2024 will be declared on 15 December 2023. You can contact your school for result-related queries.

Maxtop Scholarship Exam (Syllabus Based Test, Math, Science, Gk) Session 2023-24 Registration Open! The Exam can be held till 30 February 2024

In case of any query please contact us : Mob. No. - 8707720875, Landline No. - 0542-4070299

Thank You.